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Department of Excellence  

The Department of Philosophy has been named Department of Excellence by the Ministry of University and Research for the period 2018-2022.

Leveraging on its tradition, structure and potential, the Department of Philosophy aims at becoming a major international centre for Philosophy, Scientific Knowledge and their integration. The objectives are:

  • To expand research areas focusing on theoretical and ethical problems emerging from scientific and technological advancements, in particular referring to mathematics, physics and natural sciences, cognitive sciences and AI, computer science, image theory and economics;
  • To contribute to the historical reconstructions of these areas, and the critical analysis of their effects on arts, culture and society.

In particular, the Department aims at:

  • To recruit staff from abroad in research areas crucial to the relation between philosophy and the sciences.
  • To increase its attractiveness, including from abroad, to PhD students and young researchers in those areas, encouraging publications in international peer-reviewed journals, books and proceedings, as well as applications for research funds from national and international bodies.
  • To strengthen experimental research in Philosophy, in cognitive and social sciences through the activities of the PhilLab.
  • To coordinate research, teaching and social impact activities, through communication of research activities and the realization of an Environment for visualizing Philosophy.
  • To catalogue, digitalize, disseminate and promote   the archives of the Philosophy Library, which include material on the relation between philosophy and the sciences, through the realization of a Virtual Library.
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