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Research Areas  

The Department is active in the following research areas:

  • History of Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science and History of Science;
  • Logic and its Applications;
  • Philosophy of language, formal semantics, linguistics;
  • Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of History and Religion;
  • Cultural, Social and Philosophical Anthropology, bioethics;;
  • Phenomenology, philosophy of mind, psychology;
  • Theoretical philosophy, hermeneutics and semiotics;
  • Aesthetics, poetics, rethorics, image theories and visual culture studies;
  • Philosophy and neuroscience, artificial intelligence;
  • Formal and material ontologies;
  • Methodology of social research.

Research Centers and Cultural Initiatives  

Interdepartmental research groups and centers

The following are research groups that involve different universities or multiple departments of our University and to which the Department is connected:

- Centro di Ricerca Interuniversitario sul Pragmatismo


Groups, research initiatives, and research seminars in the Department

They are study centers and groups of researchers belonging to different disciplines organized by related themes that annually schedule research seminar cycles. All the seminar cycles are open to students and every interested people.

- An-Iconology: History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images (early named Seminars of Philosophy of Image)

- Centre for Philosophy of Time (CPT)

- Center for Intellectual History of the Middle Ages (CeSIM)

- Culinary Mind - Centre for the Philosophy of Food

- Laboratory of Sociology and Anthropology of Science (LASAS)

- Logic, Computation and Information Group (LUCI)

- Milan Modern Philosophy Seminar

- Mind, Experience, Language, and Time Seminars (MELT)

- Performing Identity Seminar (PIS)

Seminars of Contemporary Philosophy

Synousiai. Seminars of Ancient Philosophy

- Workplace Studies Research Group

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