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Teaching Program  

The PhD program in Philosophy and the Humans Sciences includes the following activities: course, series of seminars and reading groups.


Courses are short series of lectures (about 10 hours overall) which aim at providing students with a deep grasp on the core topics of the research areas of the Doctoral School. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the PhD program, student are also encouraged to attend a course at their choice from a master program other than that of their area of specialization. At the beginning of each academic year, the Doctoral School Board provides a list of the courses that are organized by the school.

Series of Seminars

These are usually scheduled series of research seminars that spread over a period of time. They focus on a specific area and may be organized also by other institutions. At the beginning of each academic year, the Doctoral School Board provides a list of the series that are organized by the school.

Reading groups

Students are expected to take part into series of reading groups, which focus on foundational and methodological issues; this is meant to provide the students with a common ground on philosophy and human sciences. These meetings also aim at keeping the participants up to date with the main contemporary research results.

Seminars — 2017-2018  

Seminars for the academic year 2017-2018:

  • Neurophilosophy Lunchtime Seminars / Cognition in Action Lectures — organized by: prof. C. Sinigaglia;
  • CSSA — Centre for the Study of Social Action Seminars;
  • Issues in Philosophy of Science Seminars (IPSS)  — organized by C. Mariani 
  • CPT colloquia (Centre for Philosophy of Time)  — organized by G. Torrengo and CPT
  • Seminari di Filosofia della Letteratura organized by P. Spinicci (only Italian);
  • Seminario Spinoza: Lettura della II parte dell'Etica  organized by G. Mormino, C. Zaltieri (only Italian);
  • Seminario"From Utopia do Dystopia: Reflections on a Contested Concept" organized by A. Ceron;
  • SFLM — Seminari di Filosofia del Linguaggio e della Mente — organized by C. Calabi, E. Paganini, A. Zucchi and G. Torrengo;
  • SHE Seminars of Historical Epistemology — organized by L. Guzzardi;
  • OntoforMat Metaphysical Seminar — organized by P. Valore and OntoForMat Research Group.
  • Seminario Permanente: Lettura di "Essere e Tempo" di M. Heidegger  — organized by Alberto Francescato, Matteo Mollisi and Carmine Di Martino 
  • Seminars of Middle Age Intellectual History —  organized by L. Campi

Everybody is welcome to attend. The frequence is highly recommended to Phd students in Philosophy and Human Sciences. 

IMPORTANT the list is still provisionary: the final version will be available soon.

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