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Learning objectives HuME PhD School - 2022/2023  

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Learning objectives

Students will have to attain at least 16 credits of learning activities. Among these, 12 credits are considered mandatory, while the others may be chosen from the optional courses offered by the department or from the list of teaching activities of the university as a whole. It is also possible to attain credits in other universities or research centres, conditional on approval by tutor and coordinator.

Topics in the Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics   (3 CFU)


Topics in Logic, Probability and Computation (3 CFU)


Topics in the Philosophy of Mind and Cognition (3 CFU)


Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience (3 CFU)


Teamwork in research teams  (4 CFU)

Introduction to Data Science for Humanities (4 CFU)


Designing a Research Project in Philosophy: strategies and challenges  (3 CFU)


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