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Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences  

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The doctoral programme in Philosophy and Human Sciences is a new higher education programme which integrates the skills required for theoretical and experimental research in disciplines such as anthropology, geography, linguistics, psychology and cognitive science, social science, art theory and criticism, with the findings of philosophical research, both theoretical and historical.

The programme makes use of the multidisciplinary skills of the Board of Lecturers and aims to provide extensive knowledge in specific sectors of basic and applied research. It promotes innovative and cutting-edge research in areas requiring the ability to master theories, methods and techniques from various fields.

The language of courses and reading groups will be mainly English.

Coordinator: Prof. Andrea Pinotti

Email: phd.filosofiaescienzedelluomo@unimi.it

Teaching Program

PhD Programme: The Human Mind and its Explanations: Language, Brain, and Reasoning  

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Learning Objectives

This PhD programme trains young researches who intend to study human cognition with an interdisciplinary approach, using theories and methods developed in philosophy, psychology, computer science, and cognitive neuroscience. Since innovative research in this area requires the integration of different competences, our courses will provide solid analytical and epistemological foundations for the development of theoretical reflection and experimental skills.

The students will have the opportunity to work with researchers belonging to three prestigious institutions – The University of Milan, The Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori (IUSS) in Pavia, e the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.

HuME offers at least four scholarships each year, and the call for applications is typically advertised in the spring. More detailed information will be posted on this website.

Email: phd.hume@unimi.it

Teaching Program

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Doctoral School Image, Language, Figure: Forms and Modes of Mediation  

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The doctoral course aims to offer an advanced and innovative curriculum, designed to integrate theoretical research in disciplines such as aesthetics, philosophy of language, semiotics, visual culture, media studies and inclusivity studies. Through the multidisciplinary expertise provided by the Teaching Board the Image/Figure/Language triad will be explored; the triad refers to the fundamental mediation devices between human beings and the world and the interactions of human beings with each other. Of these mediation devices, the doctorate intends to explore theoretical, methodological and epistemological models along five axes corresponding to as many curricula:

  • A. Aesthetics
  • B. Semiotics
  • C. Philosophy of languages
  • D. Visual culture and media theory
  • E. Image, language and social inclusion

Those in possession of a Master's Degree, or an equivalent qualification from a foreign university, may apply for admission to the PhD programme. Applications for admission must be submitted no later than 2 pm on 26 July 2023.

The call for applications can be downloaded at the following link: https://www.unimi.it/en/education/postgraduate-and-continuing-education-programmes/doctoral-programmes-phd/ay-2023/2024-image-language-figure-forms-and-modes-mediation

Coordinator: Prof. Andrea Pinotti

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