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Training: Phd Courses  

Courses are short series of lectures (about 10 hours overall) which aim at providing students with a deep grasp on the core topics of the research areas of the Doctoral School. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the PhD program, student are also encouraged to attend a course at their choice from a master program other than that of their area of specialization. At the beginning of each academic year, the Doctoral School Board provides a list of the courses that are organized by the school.

PhD Courses 2017-2018  

Online Course, Giampietro Gobo (Milano) — The focus group 

Url: http://ggobors.ariel.ctu.unimi.it/v3/home/PreviewArea.aspx


October 16-20, Sanna Hirvonen (Junior Visiting, Milano) - "Relative Thoughts

November 6 (every week), Paolo Mancosu (Senior Visiting, Berkeley University) - "Abstraction and Infinity"

November 6-11, Nick Young (Post-Doc, Milano) - "Non-Visual Perception"

December 13-15, Massimo Mazzotti (University of California, Berkeley) - "Science, Technology and Society"


January, Giampietro Gobo (Milano) - "Issues of Research Methodology in Social Sciences"

February, Francesca Astrid Salvadori (Post-Doc, Milano) - "Language, Social Interaction and Technology" 

March 13-15, Alessandro Duranti (University of California, Los Angeles) - "Intentionality, Intersubjectivity and Cooperation in Human Activities"

April, 10-24, Luca Ciabarri (Milano) - "Youth and Migration: Socio-Anthropological Studies on Future and Social Action"

May, 8-10, Richard T. W. Arthur (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) - "Monads, Composition and Force: Ariadnean Threads through Leibniz’s Labyrinth"

June, 18-22, Casalegno Lectures 2018: Prof. Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)"Knowledge and Other Norms of Belief".

TBA: Gianfranco Mormino, Raffaella Colombo - "Spinoza's politics: ethnicity, religion, citizenship" (details to be provided).

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