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LUCI Lunch Seminars Spring 2022

All the videos of the cycle of seminars organized by the LUCI (Logic, Computation and Information) Group have been published on the YouTube Channel and their links can be found here.

17 July 2022
Culinary Mind Logo

Uku Tooming: "Flavor in the Moment"

The video recorded on February 18, 2022, of the Half-Baked Online Colloquia Series has been published. The Half-Baked Online Colloquia Series are organizzed by Andrea Borghini and Culinary Mind.

10 July 2022
Logical Form Workshop

June 10, 2022: Logical Form Workshop

Workshop with Alessandro Zucchi, Timothy Williamson, Andrea Iacona, Francesca Poggiolesi, and Manuel García-Carpintero. Room 113, Via Festa del Perdono 3, h. 10:30-17:45.

10 June 2022
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