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New inter-university course in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Starting next A.Y. 2023-2024, the Universities of Milan, University of Milano-Bicocca and University of Pavia will launch an inter-university course in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, with a highly innovative and international character, delivered entirely in English.

The goal is to train individuals with the interdisciplinary skills necessary to integrate artificial intelligence applications into the human context in which they are used.

The course is aimed at highly motivated graduates from both STEM and Humanities, Neuroscience and Law areas, with a good aptitude for interdisciplinary studies, as well as professionals and employees of public or private companies, who want to retrain (from the perspective of life-long learning) to update their skills in the face of the growing demand for innovation.

Starting from a broad common base, the course will be divided into three curricula that aim to provide more specific preparation in relation to three main contexts in which the need for new professionals of this kind appears particularly urgent:

  • A) Curriculum Hybrid AI, to deepen the context of cooperation between humans and machines in hybrid work teams
  • B) Curriculum Neuro AI, to deepen the context of clinical and theoretical neurosciences
  • C) Curriculum AI & Law, to deepen the context of applications in the legal field

The course has no entry test. Admission is subject to verification of possession of the curricular requirements and evaluation of the candidate's personal preparation, to be verified through an interview. An English language proficiency level of B2 or higher is required. Application for admission for A.Y. 2023-2024 can be submitted until Oct. 31, 2023.

The proposed course of study, designed with an international profile also to attract foreign students, includes exchange activities with other European countries under the Erasmus+ program, collaborations with international research centers and large companies engaged in the development of human-centered AI.

Programme website: hcai.cdl.unimi.it/en

Further information: hcai@unimi.it


17 April 2023
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