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March 28-29, 2019: CUNY-Milan Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop in Philosophy: ‘Tense’

CPT Time-Methods Workshop

The Centre for Philosophy of Timeof the University of Milan present:


CUNY-Milan Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop in Philosophy

March 28-29, 2019, University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono, 7

CUNY-Milan annual interdisciplinary workshop in Philosophy, a joint initiative of both institutions’ philosophy departments, and, more precisely, CUNY Graduate Center and Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences, University of Milan is aimed at promoting advanced studies at the crossroad between philosophy and interrelated disciplines. Last year workshop took place in NYC at CUNY Graduate Center with the topic of Belief. This years’ workshop, second in a series of annual events, will focus on Tense and is taking place in Milan. The organizers are committed to maintain the interdisciplinary character of the workshop.

Keynote speakers:

University of Milan: 
Alessandro Zucchi and Giuseppe Spolaore
 (linguistics), Daniel Dohrn (philosophy of language and metaphysics) and Corrado Sinigaglia (cognitive neuroscience).

CUNY Graduate Center
Graham Priest (logic and language), Catherine Wilson (history of philosophy) and David Papineau (philosophy of mind).





28.03 - Morning Session
Chair: Nick Young


10.00. – 11.15 Keynote: Catherine Wilson (CUNY) – ‘Fatalism: An Epistemic Strategy for Escaping Ryle’s Dilemma’


11.15. – 11.30. Coffee Break 


11.30. – 12.15. Daniele Cassaghi (Milan) – ‘Transparency and the Tense Argument


12.15. – 13.00. Yale Weiss (CUNY) – ‘Time, Tense, and Eternity in Augustine’s Confessions XI’


13.00. – 14.30. Lunch

28.03 - Afternoon Session
Chair: Anna Ichino


14.30. – 15.45. Keynote: Corrado Sinigaglia (Milan) – TBA


15. 45 – 16.30. Daria Vitasovic (Milan) – ‘The Subject of Temporal Experience


16.30. – 16. 45. Coffee break 


16. 45. – 18.00. Keynote: David Papineau (CUNY) – ‘Causation and the Direction of Time’

29.03 - Morning Session
Chair: Nick Young 


10.00. – 11.15 Keynote: Alessandro Zucchi (Milan) and Giuseppe Spolare (Padua) – ‘On the historic present (context is where our illocutionary commitments lie)’


11.15. – 11.30. Coffee Break 


11.30. – 12.15. Victor Carranza (Milan) – ‘Presuppositions and tense’


12.15. – 13.00. Cristian Mariani (Milan) – ‘The Indeterminate Present and the Open Future


13.00. – 14.30. Lunch

29.03 - Afternoon Session
Chair: Paolo Baldi


14.30. – 15.45. Keynote: Daniel Dohrn (Milan) – ‘Tense in Conditionals’


15. 45 – 16.30. Vincent Alexis Peluce (CUNY) – ‘The Perception of Time in Intuitionistic Arithmetic’


16.30. – 16. 45. Coffee break


16. 45. – 18.00. Keynote: Graham Priest (CUNY) – ‘Socrates Begins to be White: Medieval Accounts of Tense and Change


20.00. Conference Dinner



Organizing Committee:

Milan – Daria Vitasovic, Victor Carranza, Sava Ristić, Luca Marchetti.
CUNY Graduate Center – Vincent A. Peluce, Yale Weiss, Jennifer McDonald, Liam Ryan (Saul Kripke Center).

Everyone is welcome, but please do register for the workshop since places are limited.

E-mail for registration: daria dot vitasovic at unimi dot it.

Funding: Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences.

More info will be available soon.

29 March 2019
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