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Excellence Department Award 2023-2027

Excellence Department Award 2023-2027 Logo

The Department of Philosophy "Piero Martinetti" is among 180 Departments in Italy, and among 13 at the University of Milan, awarded by ANVUR with a Seal of Excellence for the five-year period 2023-2027.

The success in this new round of funding for Departments of Excellence replicates that already achieved for the 2018-2022 five-year period. Titled "Techne," the project aims to extend in new directions the lines of research activated thanks to the 2018-22 funding and external resources (ERC, PRIN) acquired by the Department and, by virtue of its strongly interdisciplinary flavour, will involve all the competencies in it.
In particular, the project aims to examine the philosophy-technology-science relationship in the various areas of the Department's expertise: experimental philosophy, artificial intelligence, image and media theory, virtual and augmented reality, the impact on the environment and on humans of new technologies, the philosophical, ethical and socio-anthropological issues they raise, and theoretical and practical problems related to their use in education.

The general objectives concern:
- the overall development of the Department through recruitment and actions to foster attractiveness, internationalization, scientific productivity and submission of competitive research projects;
- the creation of three research facilities: Center for Experimental Philosophy, as a development of the PhiLab funded under the 2018-2022 Project of Excellence; PhilTech@unimi, a center for the study of philosophy of technology; and AN-ICON, a center for the study of virtual, augmented, mixed and extended reality;
- enhancement of advanced education through specific educational activities (inter-university master's degree course on human-centered AI; advanced course in "Extended Bodies"), strengthening of faculty and student exchanges of master's degree students, and enhancement of public engagement activities, in synergy with cultural institutions (Casa della Cultura, Leonardo Museum, Brera Observatory), penitentiary institutions for the "Advanced Prison Project" and companies interested in integrating AI technologies through the "Incubator 4.0" project.

It is the second time that the Department of Philosophy "Pietro Martinetti" has been awarded as Department of Excellence. The first time was in 2018-2022.

29 December 2022
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