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Seminars of Philosophy of Perception, Language and Mind  

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The Seminars of Philosophy of Language and Mind take place every year since 2001 at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Milan. The meetings aim at being an opportunity for people working in analytic philosophy to keep updated on the latest directions of research.

The meetings are structured as a 45-50 minutes presentation, followed by an extensive discussion time. They are open to anyone interested on the topic, especially undergraduate and phd students. Language of the talks is either Italian or English.

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Winter Session 2019-2020  

Seminars of Philosophy of Perception, Mind, and Language

Provisional Calendar 2019-2020

25th November 2019: Matteo Plebani
Subject matter: an opinionated introduction

9th December 2019: Aldo Frigerio
A too thin future. The problem of grounding within the presentist TRL semantics

13rd January 2020: Giorgio Lando
Title TBA

27th January 2020: Andreas Stokke
Title TBA

10th February 2020:

24th February 2020: Luca Barlassina
Title TBA

9th March 2020: Neil Levy
Title TBA

16th March 2020: Luca Bonatti
Title TBA

6th April 2020: Greg Currie
Title TBA

20th April 2020: Ema Sullivan-Bissett
Title TBA

4th May 2020:

11st May 2020: Andrea Parravicini
Title TBA

Seminars of Philosophy of Language and Mind  

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