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Logic Group  

The Logic Group at the Department of Philosophy "Piero Martinetti", Università degli Studi di Milano

Our research covers:

  • Proof Theories

  • Applied Logics

  • Non-Classical Logics

  • Philosophical Logics

  • Computational Logic

  • Logic and Information

  • Logic in Computer Science

  • Logic, Uncertainty and Rationality

  • Logical Foundations of Probability

  • Logic in Economics

  • Epistemic and Doxastic Logics

  • Modal Logics

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Seminars of Logic  

February 20, 2019: Nikos Gorogiannis: Challenges and research opportunities for formal methods in the “real world”

Seminars of Logic. Room Enzo Paci, Directorate of the Department of Philosophy, (Via Festa del Perdono 7, Milano), h. 16:30-18:30. Abstract: "Software verification has been predominantly focused on safety-critical software. What value can software verifiation (and more generally, formal methods) offer to practitioners outside this constrained context? Are there interesting academic research challenges in that area, or is it all `just engineering'? I will sketch an experience report from deploying static analysis at Facebook, and hope to discuss the potential research questions that seem to arise."

January 16, 2019: Workshop on Logic and Information

The interaction between Logic and Information is a recurrent theme. Since the early days, the correctness of logical inference in terms of information preservation, and its utility as information expansion tool has been questioned. The meaning of rules can be interpreted by looking at their informational import, and the aid to rationality of logical schemas can be explained in the same light. The extension of logical modelling from foundational issues to technological applications calls upon a continuous investigation of this relation. This one-day workshop includes three talks covering different areas of the interaction between logic and information: profling, design and rules. Room Enzo Paci, Directorate of the Department of Philosophy, h. 14:00-17:00.

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