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Logic Group  

The Logic Group at the Department of Philosophy "Piero Martinetti", Università degli Studi di Milano

Our research covers:

  • Proof Theories

  • Applied Logics

  • Non-Classical Logics

  • Philosophical Logics

  • Computational Logic

  • Logic and Information

  • Logic in Computer Science

  • Logic, Uncertainty and Rationality

  • Logical Foundations of Probability

  • Logic in Economics

  • Epistemic and Doxastic Logics

  • Modal Logics

Members of the Logic Group...

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Logic Lunch Spring 2021  

Logic Group Logo

Seminars of Logics 2021 by the Logic Group

Online Seminar Series

Logic Lunch Spring 2021



Fabrizio Riguzzi - University of Ferrara
25/02, 12:30pm

Roman Kuznets - U Wien
11/03, 12:30pm

Sander Becker - MCMP Munich
25/03, 12:30pm

Mark Law - Imperial College London
08/04, 12:30pm

Arianna Novaro - University of Amsterdam
22/04, 12:30pm

Rijneke Verbrugge - University of Groningen
06/05, 12:30pm

Weslie Holliday - UC Berkley
20/05, 6pm

Atocha Aliseda-Llera – UNAM
03/06, 6pm

Info: www.filosofia.unimi.it/logic

Seminars of Logic  

April 22, 2020: Logic Seminars on line

After the first talk by Pere Pardo, our online seminar series continues on the Microsoft Teams platform. All the talks will take place from 17:00 to 19:00 The next Logic webinar will be have Ofer Arieli (Academic College of Tel Aviv) as speaker.

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