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PhD Programme in Mind, Brain and Reasoning  

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This PhD programme trains young researches who intend to study human cognition with an interdisciplinary approach, using theories and methods developed in philosophy, psychology, computer science, and cognitive neuroscience. Since innovative research in this area requires the integration of different competences, our courses will provide solid analytical and epistemological foundations for the development of theoretical reflection and experimental skills.

MBR offers four scholarships each year, and the call for applications is typically advertised in the spring. More detailed information will be posted on this website.

Coordinator:  Prof. Francesco Guala

Email: phd.mbr@unimi.it

Teaching Program

Research Topics of PhD Programme in Mind, Brain and Reasoning  



Consciousness; Sleep; Neural Stimulation and Complexity.

L. Bello; S. Casarotto; G. Cerri; C. Hoerl; M. Massimini; M. Rosanova; S. Sarasso; C. Sinigaglia; G. Tononi.

Motor System; Brain Plasticity; Neuromodulation; Language.

L. Bello; P. Cavallari; G. Cerri; C. Lucchiari; M. Rosanova; C. Sinigaglia.

Social Cognition; Cooperation and Coordination; Joint Action.

S. Butterfill; C. Guglielmetti; F. Guala; F. Hindriks; R. Moore; C. Sinigaglia.

Individual Decisions; Social and Group Decisions; Values.

A. Gorini; F. Guala; C. Guglielmetti; C. Lucchiari; H. Hosni; F. Minerva.

Metaphysics; Scientific and Folk Ontologies.

A. Borghini; D. Dohrn; F. Guala; A. Guardo; F. Hindriks; C. Hoerl; M. Nathan; J. Tallant; G. Torrengo.

Perception; Categorisation; Creativity; Language.

A. Borghini; C. Calabi; D. Dohrn; A. Guardo;  C. Lucchiari; P. Spinicci; G. Torrengo; G. Tononi; A. Zucchi.

Logic for Practical Reasoning; Philosophical Logic.

M. D'Agostino; D. Dohrn; H. Hosni; G. Primiero.

Computation; Probability; Logic for Artificial Intelligence.

M. D'Agostino; H. Hosni; S. Modgil;  G. Primiero; A. Zamansky.


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