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2016-2017: II Semester: Phenomenal Attitudes  

Phd School in Philosophy and Human Science

A.A. 2016-2017



Phenomenal Attitudes

Lecturer: Uriah Kriegel (Institute Jean Nicod, Paris)


Tuesday, April 18, h. 10-13: Session 1 - “Belief and the Role of Attitudes”
Reading: U. Kriegel, “Belief-that and Belief-in: Which Reductive Analysis?” (available here: https://philpapers.org/archive/KRIBSA.pdf)

Thursday, April 20, h. 10-13: Session 2 - “Belief and Perception”
Reading: F. Dretske, “Sensation and Perception” (available here: https://mitpress.mit.edu/sites/default/files/titles/content/9780262571616_sch_0001.pdf)

Friday, April 21, h. 11.30-14.30: Session 3 - “Emotion and Mood”
Reading: U. Kriegel, “Reductive Representationalism and Emotional Phenomenology” (available here:  https://philpapers.org/archive/URIRRA.pdf)


Everybody is welcome. Info: davide.bordini@unimi.it

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