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2016-2017: II Semester: Counterfactuals and Practical Reason  

Phd School in Philosophy and Human Sciences

A.A. 2016-2017



Counterfactuals and Practical Reason - Casalegno Lectures

Lecturer: prof. Robert Stalnaker (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT)


Each Lecture takes place at 14.30, Room 431 - Via Festa del Perdono, 3 - Milan.

Titles of the Lectures:

1. May 22nd: Epistemic and counterfactual conditionals
2. May 23rd: Against Humean supervenience
3. May 24th: Determinism and counterfactuals
4. May 25th: Decisions, games and counterfactuals
5. May 26th: Dispositional properties and strategies

You may find all the handouts just below.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
A live stream recording will be available.

Organizing committee:
Clotilde Calabi
Elisa Paganini
Giuliano Torrengo
Alessandro Zucchi

For information, please contact elisa.paganini@unimi.it

The Lectures are funded by the PRIN Grant “Il problema dell’indeterminatezza” 2015L3BC35_002, by the Department of Philosophy at the State University of Milan and by the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences at University of Milan.

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