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PhD Courses and Seminars 2016-2017  

The PhD Students are required to attend at least 6 courses (3credits each) designed to provide high level of knowledge in the research fields of the Doctorate in Philosophy and Human Sciences.



PhD Courses 2016-2017



October 11-13, J. Tallant & G. Torrengo — "On the Nature of Time"

November 16-18, H. Hosni, M. D'agostino, S. Modgil — "A Logical Primer on Rational Reasoning and Argumentation "

November 21-December 1, A. Del Borgo — "Which Policies for the Environment in the XXI  Century?"




February 20-21, H.Hosni, T.Flaminio, L.Godo — "Logics for Practical Reaoning: Measures of Fuzzy Events"

March 13-7, C. Bartocci — "Spacetime Geometries"

March 27-31, C. Martini — "Philosophy of Economics"

April 3-7, J. Ladyman — "Structural Realism in Philosophy of Physics"

April 18-21, U. Kriegel — "Phenomenal attitudes"

May 22-26, R. Stalnaker — "Counterfactuals and Practical Reason"  (Casalegno Lectures)

May 22-26, Tzuchien Tho —"Conatus and Inertia between Metaphysics, Physics and Social Theory"

June 5-7, D. Nolan & S. Bernstein — "The Structure of Time: Divisibility and Causation"

June 19-20, F.Masi & M. Barison — "The Subject between Phenomenology and Hermeneutic" 

Online Course, G. Gobo — "The focus group: a specific research technique"


Seminars 2016-2017

Neurophilosophy – Lunchtime Seminars / Cognition in Action Lectures

CSSA — Centre for the Study of Social Action Seminars 

A. Pinotti — Seminar of Philosophy of Image

P. Spinicci — Seminari di Seminar of Philosophy of Literature

G. Mormino, C.Zaltieri (a cura di) — Seminario Spinoza: Lettura della II parte dell'Etica

A.Ceron — Seminar: "From Utopia to Dystopia: Reflections on a Contested Concept"

SFLM —  Seminars of Philosophy of Mind and Language 

L. Guzzardi — Seminari Epistemologia Storica (SHE)

OntoForMat Research Group — "OntoforMat Metaphysical Seminar"

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