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Colloquia of the PhD School  

The colloquia host internationally distinguished scholars from different research fields. The aim is to offer to the PhD candidates the opportunity to establish a dialogue with experts on the most innovative and fascinating themes within Philosophy and the Human Sciences (Anthropology, Geography, Cognitive Neuroscience, Linguistics, Theory of Art, and more). Colloquia are open to general public.

PhD Dedicated Conferences  

October 16, 2017: L. LIČKA: What is in the Mirror?

The Metaphysics of Mirror Images in Albert the Great, Peter Auriol and the Prague Quodlibet by Prokop Kladruby (1417). Seminars of History of Medieval Philosophy. Talk of LUKÁŠ LIČKA, PhD, Post-Doc Researcher, University of Ostrava – Czech Republic.

16 October 2017
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October 14, 2016: J. Tallant: The Philosophy Job Market

Colloquia of Prof. J. Tallant (University of Nottingham), Room Seminari (Second Floor Cortile Ghiacciaia, Attic), via Festa del Perdono, 7, ore 16:00-18:00. dell'Uomo, ma sono invitati tutti gli interessati all'argomento.

14 October 2016
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February 25, 2016: Hoekstra & Santi: Rethinking the Theoretical Challenges of Thomas Hobbes

Collloquia of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences. Talks of Kinch Hoekstra (Università di Berkeley) and Raffaella Santi (Università di Urbino). Luca Iori (Università di Parma), Marco Geuna (Università degli Studi di Milano) will partecipate. Room Enzo Paci – Cortile del Filarete – Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano. H. 10:00-17:30.

25 February 2016

Seminars — 2017-2018  

Seminars for the academic year 2017-2018:

  • Neurophilosophy — Lunchtime Seminars / Cognition in Action Lectures — a cura di: prof. C. Sinigaglia;
  • CSSA — Centre for the Study of Social Action Seminars;
  • Seminars of  Philosophy of Image   a cura di prof. A. Pinotti;
  • Issues in Philosophy of Science Seminars (IPSS)  — a cura di C.Mariani 
  • CPT colloquia (Centre for Philosophy of Time)  — a cura di dott. G. Torrengo e CPT
  • Seminari di Filosofia della Teatro  a cura di P. Spinicci; (ita only)
  • Seminario Spinoza: Lettura della II parte dell'Etica  a cura di G. Mormino, C. Zaltieri; (ita only)
  • Seminario"From Utopia do Dystopia: Reflections on a Contested Concept"  a cura di dott. A. Ceron;
  • SFLM — Seminari di Filosofia del Linguaggio e della Mente — a cura di proff. C. Calabi, E. Paganini, A. Zucchi e dott. G. Torrengo;
  • SHE Seminars of Historical Epistemology — a cura di: dott. L. Guzzardi;
  • OntoforMat Metaphysical Seminar — a cura di: dott. P. Valore e di OntoForMat Research Group.
  • Seminario Permanente: Lettura di "Essere e Tempo" di M. Heidegger  — a cura di Alberto Francescato e Matteo Mollisi, con la collaborazione di prof. Carmine Di Martino 
  • Seminars of Middle Age Intellectual History —  A cura di L. Campi

Everybody is welcome to attend. The frequence is highly recommended to Phd students in Philosophy and Human Sciences. 

IMPORTANT the list is still provisionary: the final version will be available soon

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