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Teaching Program  

The PhD program in Philosophy and the Humans Sciences includes the following activities: course, series of seminars and reading groups.


The teaching program consists of  6 courses (3 credits each). The courses aim at providing students with a deep grasp on the core topics of the research areas of the Doctoral School. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the PhD program, students must also pick one course (9 credits) at their choice from a master program other than that of their area of specialization.

Series of Seminars

These are usually scheduled series of research seminars that spread over a period of time. They focus on a specific area and may be organized also by other institutions. Students are required to attend at least two series of seminar during the first 18 months. At the beginning of each academic year, the Doctoral School Board provides a list of the series that can be taken into consideration for the fulfillment of this requirement. 

Reading groups

Students are expected to take part into series of reading groups, which focus on foundational and methodological issues; this is meant to provide the students with a common ground on philosophy and human sciences. These meetings also aim at keeping the participants up to date with the main contemporary research results.

Seminars — 2017-2018  

Seminars for the academic year 2017-2018:

  • Neurophilosophy — Lunchtime Seminars / Cognition in Action Lectures — a cura di: prof. C. Sinigaglia;
  • CSSA — Centre for the Study of Social Action Seminars;
  • Seminars of  Philosophy of Image   a cura di prof. A. Pinotti;
  • Issues in Philosophy of Science Seminars (IPSS)  — a cura di C.Mariani 
  • CPT colloquia (Centre for Philosophy of Time)  — a cura di dott. G. Torrengo e CPT
  • Seminari di Filosofia della Teatro  a cura di P. Spinicci; (ita only)
  • Seminario Spinoza: Lettura della II parte dell'Etica  a cura di G. Mormino, C. Zaltieri; (ita only)
  • Seminario"From Utopia do Dystopia: Reflections on a Contested Concept"  a cura di dott. A. Ceron;
  • SFLM — Seminari di Filosofia del Linguaggio e della Mente — a cura di proff. C. Calabi, E. Paganini, A. Zucchi e dott. G. Torrengo;
  • SHE Seminars of Historical Epistemology — a cura di: dott. L. Guzzardi;
  • OntoforMat Metaphysical Seminar — a cura di: dott. P. Valore e di OntoForMat Research Group.
  • Seminario Permanente: Lettura di "Essere e Tempo" di M. Heidegger  — a cura di Alberto Francescato e Matteo Mollisi, con la collaborazione di prof. Carmine Di Martino 
  • Seminars of Middle Age Intellectual History —  A cura di L. Campi

Everybody is welcome to attend. The frequence is highly recommended to Phd students in Philosophy and Human Sciences. 

IMPORTANT the list is still provisionary: the final version will be available soon

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