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Teaching Program  

The PhD program in Philosophy and the Humans Sciences includes the following activities: course, colloquia, research seminars, reading groups, journal clubs.


The teaching program consists of 6 courses (3 credits each). The courses aim at providing the PhD students with a deep grasp on the core topics of the research areas of the Doctoral School. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the PhD program, the PhD students must also pick one course (9 credits) of their choice from a master program other than that of their area of specialization.


The colloquia host internationally distinguished scholars from different research fields. The aim is to offer to the PhD candidates the opportunity to establish a dialogue with experts on the most innovative and fascinating themes within Philosophy and the Human Sciences (Anthropology, Geography, Cognitive Neuroscience, Linguistics, Theory of Art, and more).

Research seminars

The research seminars are meant to further specific topics. The aim is to boost the dialogue between faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, and PhD students.

Reading groups and journal clubs

The PhD candidates are expected to take part to series of reading groups, which focus on foundational and methodological issues; this is in order to provide the students with a common ground on philosophy and human sciences. In order to balance tradition and innovation, the reading groups are supported by a complementary activity, that is, journal clubs. These meetings aim at keeping the debate up to date with the contemporary research results.

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