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Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences  


Learning Objectives

The doctoral programme in Philosophy and Human Sciences is a new higher education programme which integrates the skills required for theoretical and experimental research in disciplines such as anthropology, geography, linguistics, psychology and cognitive science, social science, art theory and criticism, with the findings of philosophical research, both theoretical and historical. The programme makes use of the multidisciplinary skills of the Board of Lecturers and aims to provide extensive knowledge in specific sectors of basic and applied research. It promotes innovative and cutting-edge research in areas requiring the ability to master theories, methods and techniques from various fields.

In particular, the programme aims to provide students with a solid philosophical and scientific grounding in one of the following research areas:

  1. History of Philosophy
  2. Logic
  3. Metaphysics
  4. Contemporary Philosopohy
  5. Theories  of Language
  6. Philosophy of Mind
  7. Ethics and Politics
  8. Aesthetics and History of Aesthetics
  9. Psychology and cognitive neurosciences
  10. Philosophy of Economics
  11. Anthropology
  12. Sociology and Social Research Methods
  13. Human Geography

The teaching program 2018/2019 will consist of courses, reading groups and series of seminars. PhD students will be allowed to arrange, in agreement with their tutors, a customized plan, possibly drawing from teaching activities offered by other PhD programs within or outside UNIMI, especially by the PhD program of the North-Western Italian Philosophy Consortium and by the PhD program in Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind of the Scuola Universitaria Superiore (IUUS) in Pavia.

The language of courses and reading groups will be mainly English. 

Research Topics of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and the Humans Sciences  


Topics Title

Research Supervisor/s


Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience: Consciousness; Sleep; Brain Plasticity

M. Massimini


Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience: Social Cognition; Decision Making; Risk Management; Psychology of Negotiation

F. Guala; C. Guglielmetti; C. Lucchiari; C. Sinigaglia


Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience: Perception; Cognition; Joint Action

S. Buttefill; F. Guala; C. Lucchiari; C. Sinigaglia


Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience: Creativity; Learning Processes; Learning Disorders; Psychology of Education; Psychology of Communication

C. Lucchiari


Theories of Language: Language and Metaphysics.

A. Borghini; E. Paganini; G. Torrengo; J. Tallant


Theories of Language: Semantic Theories of Language

E. Paganini


Theories of Language: Comparative Linguistics; Comparative Morphosyntax

M. Vai


Philosophy of Mind: Imagination; Perception; Rule-following

A. Guardo; P. Spinicci


Logic: Non-Classical Logics; Logic and Information

M. D'Agostino; H. Hosni


Logic: Logics for Artificial Intelligence; Formal Argumentation Theory; Non-Monotonic Logics

M. D'Agostino; H. Hosni


Philosophy of economics: Logic of Decision; Behavioural Economics; Foundations of Probability

F. Guala; H. Hosni


Aesthetics: Visual Culture; Cultural Studies; Gaze Studies

P.L.E. Bozzi; C. Cappelletto; A. Pinotti; G. Piretto


Aesthetics: Performance Studies; Media Studies; Philosophy and Literature

P.L.E. Bozzi; C. Cappelletto; A. Pinotti; G. Piretto


History of Aesthetics: Philosophical Concepts of Aesthetic Nature; Aesthetics in Premodern Philosophy

E. Franzini; M. Parodi


Contemporary Philosophy: Phenomenology; Existentialism; Hermeneutics

C. Di Martino; R. Fabbrichesi; P. Spinicci; A. Zhok


Contemporary Philosophy: Pragmatism and Philosophy of Practices; Genealogy

C. Di Martino; R. Fabbrichesi; A. Zhok


Ethics and Politics: Contemporary Theories of Recognition and Justice

M. Geuna


Ethics and Politics: Animal Studies

G. Mormino


Ethics and Politics: International Politics and Regional Integrations

P. Graglia


Ethics and Politics: History of Modern Political Thought; Democracy; Public Opinion; Politics and Psychology; Medievale Models of Political and Economical Sovereignty

M. Geuna; M. Parodi; M. Simonazzi; S. Simonetta


Metaphysics: Philosophy of Time; Philosophy of Food; Metaphysics and Ontology in Contemporary Thought

A. Borghini; A. Guardo; G. Torrengo; J. Tallant; P. Valore


Metaphysics: Ordinary Objects; Abstract Objects; Vagueness; Natural Kinds; Social Ontology; Mereology; Philosophy of Action

A. Borghini; F. Guala; A. Guardo; E. Paganini; J. Tallant; G. Torrengo; P. Valore


History of Philosophy: The Platonic Tradition from Antiquity to German Idealism; The Aristotelian Tradition from Antiquity to the Modern Age

S. Bacin; M. Baldi; L. Bianchi; L. Campi; S. Di Bella; F. Forcignanò; M. Geuna; S. Simonetta


History of Philosophy: Censorship and Libertas Philosophandi from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment

S. Bacin; M. Baldi; L. Bianchi; L. Campi; M. Geuna; M. Simonazzi; S. Simonetta


History of Philosophy: Good life, virtue, and happiness from Antiquity to the Enlightenment

S. Bacin; M. Baldi; L. Bianchi; F. Forcignanò; M. Geuna; M. Simonazzi; S. Simonetta


History of Philosophy: History of Ethics from the 17th to the 19th Century

S. Bacin; M. Geuna; G. Mormino


History of Philosophy: Epistemology, Ethics and Politics in Modern Thought

M. Baldi; S. Di Bella; P. Giordanetti; G. Mormino


History of Philosophy: Epistemology and ontology in Contemporary Thought

P. Valore


History of Philosophy: Kant and German Classical Philosophy

S. Bacin; P. Giordanetti


History of Philosophy: Metaphysics and Philosophy of Nature from the Late Middle Ages to the Modern Age

L. Bianchi; S. Di Bella; G. Mormino


Anthropology: Mobility, Media and Symbolic Representations

S. Allovio; A. Biscaldi; L. Ciabarri


Anthropology: Philosophical anthropology; Life sciences and anthropology of science

S. Allovio; A. Zhok


Geography: Populations, Migrations and Borders; Geopolitics; Political Borders; Cultural Borders

A. Biscaldi; L. Ciabarri; S. Rinauro; A. Violante


Sociology and Social Research Methods: Epistemology and Constructivism; Scientific Controversies in Life Sciences; Science and Technology; Culture-Cognition links

G. Gobo


Sociology and Social Research Methos: Coordination, Collaboration and Cooperation in workplace; Perception and Senses in Social Action; Language and Interaction

G. Gobo





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