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SFT - Seminario di Filosofia Teoretica: II and III Cyces. Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

The cycle of meetings "SFT - Seminario di Filosofia Teoretica" restart at the end of October. The 2nd series of SFT will include five meetings, starting from the end of October 2014. The calendar will be delivered in September 2014. Lectures and debates will be held in Italian or English. The 2nd series of SFT will focus a topical theme in contemporary philosophical debate, particularly concerning phenomenology, pragmatism, hermeneutics. The 3rd series of SFT will include five meetings, starting from February 2015.

15 October 2014
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Neurophilosophy. Research in Philosophy of Neuroscience - Cycles di Seminars

The cycles of Seminars "Neurophilosophy" will restart this September. "Cognition in Action Lecture Series", "PhiloNeuro Seminar Series" and "LunchTime Seminar Series". The lectures will be held in English specifically for Resarchers and Doctorate Students. All interested people are invited.

15 September 2014
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