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The Department "Piero Martinetti" welcomes Francesca Minerva

Francesca Minerva

The Department "Piero Martinetti" welcomes Francesca Minerva

Francescagraduated in Philosophy from the University of Pisa and has a Doctorate in Bioethics from the University of Bologna. She had post-doc experiences at the Universities of Melbourne and Ghent, as well as having carried out research at the University of Warwick. Her area of ​​specialization is Applied Ethics, in particular Bioethics. She has written on the Ethics of cryopreservation (The Ethics of cryonics: is it immoral to be immortal?, Palgrave 2018) and is currently writing a book on the Ethics of plastic surgery. She has mainly worked on issues such as human enhancement, discrimination based on physical appearance, abortion, conscientious objection in the medical field, and academic freedom. In her spare time she enjoys walking with her beloved little dog, Idea, listening to audio books and testing unlikely low-calorie recipes.

20 January 2021
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