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March 29, 2017: Graeme A. Forbes: The Practical Rationality of Tralfamadorians

CPT Time-Methods Colloquia

A lecture organized by the Centre for Philosophy of Time


Graeme Forbes(Kent)

The Practical Rationality of Tralfamadorians


March 29, 2017,  h. 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Room Enzo Paci, Directorato of the Department of Philiosophy, via Festa del Perdono 7, Milano.


The lecture will be held in english.
The participation in the meeting is strongly recommended to Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences' students.

In Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s novella Slaughterhouse Five, the alien civilisation the Tralfamadorians, perceive time as ‘we perceive a panorama of the Rocky Mountains’, so their attitude to different events in time is one of equanimity: ‘So it goes’. I will argue that, on certain views of practical rationality, the existence of the future can give rise to this sort of fatalistic equanimity, because it is irrational to intend anything.

Organization: Giuliano Torrengo and Samuele Iaquinto - University of Milan.

Project: LINEA 1B - UNIMI PER ERC (CUP: G45C16000000001)

29 March 2017
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