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July 5, 2019: the Summer School "Economic Behaviours: Models, Measurements, and Policies" has ended

The Summer School, organized by th INEM (International Network for Economic Method)took place in the "Villa del Grumello", in Como, starting from July 1st. The School The school was organized by professors Francesco Guala of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Milan, and Ivan Moscati and Raffaello Seri of the Department of Economics of the University of Insubria, with the support of Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, chaired by by emeritus professor Giulio Casati, and of the Insubria International Summer School.

The school welcomed 23 doctoral students from 9 countries: 5 from Italy, 4 from the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, 2 from Canada, 1 from France, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden.

The school is intended to foster reflection on economic models of rational as well as bounded or irrational decision, focusing on their explanatory power as well as normative/policy implications. More on the school’s topic at http://ebmp.lakecomoschool.org/.


Anna ALEXANDROVA, University of Cambridge.
Erik ANGNER, Stockholm University.
Richard BRADLEY, London School of Economics.
Till GRÜNE-YANOFF, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.
Francesco GUALA, University of Milan.
Conrad HEILMANN, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Catherine HERFELD, University of Zurich.
Hykel HOSNI, University of Milan.
Caterina MARCHIONNI, TINT, University of Helsinki.
Ivan MOSCATI, Insubria University.
Robert NORTHCOTT, Birkbeck College, London.
Raffaello SERI, Insubria University.

Live-tweeting: https://twitter.com/ecoInsubria

09 July 2019
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