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July 19, 2017: Book Symposium on Neil Sinhababu’s “Humean Nature”

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Centre for the Study of Social Action (CSSA) 


Book Symposium on Neil Sinhababu’s “Humean Nature”


July 19, 2017, h. 14:00

Sala Lauree di Studi umanistici, CSSA, Dipartimento di Filosofia, via Festa del Perdono 7.


Humean Nature describes how desire drives our actions, thoughts, and feelings, following David Hume's account of how passion explains motivation and reasoning. These properties of desire explain psychological phenomena involved in intention, willpower, daydreaming, and selfhood. The resulting psychological picture requires us to abandon theories of moral judgment descended from Immanuel Kant, as they leave humans incapable of having thoughts about what is right and wrong.

The book symposium will be devoted to Ph.D. and Master Students of the University of Milan and the universities nearby. We will focus on selected chapters of the book, briefly presented by some Ph.D. students at the beginning of each session, and end the symposium with a general discussion.



14.00-14.45       Jessica Murano (University of Insubria): Moral Judgment (Chapter IV)

14.45-15.30       Daria Vitasovic (University of Milan): Desire and Attention (Chapter V)

15.30-16.00       Break

16.00-16.45       Daniele Cassaghi (University of Milan): Agency and the Self (Chapter X)

16.45-17.30       General Discussion with Neil Sinhababu (University of Singapore)​

Please email cssa.milano@gmail.com to register for that event and to receive the literature by July 15, 2017. 

The talks will be held in English.
Participation is strongly recommended to students of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences.
Attendance is free. All welcome.


19 July 2017
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