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Higher Topos Theory

Reading Group - A.A. 2016-2016 - I Semester



Title: Higher Topos Theory

Conveners: Claudio Bartocci, Francesco Aloe

Contact: francesco.aloe@unimi.it

Description: In recent times, higher category theory has proven to be a valuable unifying point of view on mathematics, physics and philosophy. In Higher Topos Theory, Jacob Lurie presents the foundations of this theory and its applications in many areas of mathematics. The main purpose of this reading group is to survey its geometrical and logico-philosophical implications/relevance.

[Prerequisites/Warning: familiarity with ordinary category theory and with the homotopy theory of simplicial sets is recommended for better understanding of Lurie's book.]

Attendees: claudio bartocci, alberto tacchella (phd in mathematics, university of genova), andrea gentili (phd in mathematics, university of genova), francesco aloe.

11 November 2016
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