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Call for Papers: Just an illusion? Between simulation, emulation, and hyper-realism

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Call for Papers

Call for Papers per la pubblicazione di uno o più articoli sul primo numero di AN-ICON Studies in Environmental Images 

Just an illusion? Between simulation, emulation, and hyper-realism

Edited by Pietro Conte and Lambert Wiesing

Deadline for full articles January 31st, 2022

Recent technologies (like virtual and augmented reality) have given new impulse to a type of images that negate themselves as such and that can therefore be named “an-icons”. Traditional images are grounded in a material medium; they are separated from their context by framing devices; and they refer to something in the real world. By contrast, an-icons conceal their mediateness, ideally getting rid of any framing devices, and aim at constituting autonomous quasi-real worlds. The result is a radical “environmentalization” of images that ask to be inhabited and experienced more than viewed and observed.

The journal
AN-ICON. Studies in Environmental Images is a peer-reviewed web-based academic journal, stemming from the ERC Advanced project “AN-ICON. An-Iconology: History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images” that investigates an-icons according to theoretical, historical, and practical perspectives.
Full articles should be submitted by registering on AN-ICON Studies in Environmental Images. Please
find the submission guidelines and style sheet here: https://riviste.unimi.it/index.php/anicon/about/submissi

Download the full text of the Call for Papers here.

25 November 2021
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