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June 1, 2017: Andrea Bottani & Alfredo Tomasetta: Selves outside the world

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OntoForMat FIRB Project "Classical Paradigms and Theoretical Foundation in Contemporary Research in Formal and Material Ontology"

OMS: OntoforMat Metaphysical Seminar - Spring 2017


Andrea Bottani (University of Bergamo) and Alfredo Tomasetta (IUSS Pavia)

Selves outside the world


June 1, 2017 h. 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Room Enzo Paci, Directorate of the Department of Philosophy

Via Festa del Perdono 7, Università degli Studi di Milano.



Mainstream theories in the ontology of the person, though very different from each other in many respects, all share the idea that subjects of experience are parts of the spatio-temporal world, just as bodies, brains and atoms are, and just as souls – if they exist – are supposed to be. 
In this paper, on the contrary, we explore the idea that persons do not really belong to the world they experience, a thesis that, while quite unpopular today, has a venerable philosophical pedigree and that, we suggest, should not be overlooked by contemporary metaphysicians.


The Talk will be held in English.
Participation is strongly recommended to students of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences.
Attendance is free. All welcome.

For informations: www.ontoformat.com  valerio.buonomo@unimi.it

01 June 2017
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